The smug arrogant hubris exhibited by the Right at Wayne Brown’s Mayoralty Roast is widespread throughout National and ACT strategists who also seem to believe that because everyone they know hates Labour and the Greens as much as they do, then a victory in October is inevitable.

Right wing pundits don’t understand why Labour are still so high in the Polls because while the Right are highly polarised, they are not the majority.

The middle are terrified of what a National/ACT Government would actually do.

The reality is that the more redneck and reactionary the Right get, the more they lose the middle.

This middle vote doesn’t care Kiri shouted at bureaucrats and they don’t care Wood didn’t sell his shares, they are voting Labour to stop ACT and National.

Because Luxon is so weak, educated folk see Seymour will get everything he wants and the country will be twisted into the sharpest right wing turn this country has suffered since Rogernomics and Ruthanasia.

People might be pissed off at Labour post Covid, but allowing Darth Vader and his Paramilitary Stormtroopers in to run the day care centre isn’t really the solution eh?

The Right are blind to how extreme their policy direction is and that’s why they don’t understand why Labour’s vote is holding up.

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That’s why a Labour led minority Government with a supply and confidence arrangement with the Maori Party is going to spin them the fuck out.

The danger of politics as polarised as it currently is, is that if the Herald Poll of Polls plays out and we get the predicted result, the Right are going to whig out and go somewhere very dark.

Even if we on the Left win, the poison that this election will generate risks contaminating any victory.

It is essential the Left are not triumphant and are humble in victory and that the bottom lines won in concession for supply and confidence are implemented in the first 100 days so that EVERYONE, even those who voted against us, benefit immediately from a Left wing win.

Politics has become a malicious spite pit and the role of social media hate algorithms have allowed us to be offended by each other to the point of atomisation. If the Left wins in less than 100 days, we must move to heal by working collectively on the enormous challenges ahead of us or risk something darker mutating.


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