One of the funniest bits of National’s bullshit law and order crap is how quickly they smashed up against the previous flaws of the prison empire they built.

National changed the rules when they were last in power so that prisoners could only access rehabilitation programs IF they admitted their guilt.

The idea was to rub prisoners faces in dog shit first before we grant them any rehab.

It’s a right wing tendency to supplant their moral will on others and make those others eat shit as a sign of total submission.

All the class of Primae Noctis.

The Right are sadists at heart.

This desire to rub dog shit in the face of the prisoner before they can access rehabilitation was a requirement to gain parole, the problem was that men with little but rage and anger started digging their heals in and refused to admit their crimes. This meant we started seeing prisoners serving huge sentences with no rehabilitation whatsoever.

Hilariously as the ramifications of this bullshit sadism started showing up, the State panicked and passed legislation that allowed Prisons to lock this new wave of long term prisoners with no rehabilitation whatsoever up indefinitely on Prison property!

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We have moved to a system where prisoners serve enormous time in NZ prisons with no rehabilitation whatsoever.

The desire by the political right to rub dog shit into the faces of the prisoners by forcing them to admit their guilt before they can gain access to rehabilitation programs has inadvertently led to damaged men manufactured into monsters on release.

We. Are. Making. Prisoners. MORE. Dangerous.

Look you spastic law and order Lynch mobs, if you want to lock someone up for ten years – ok fine, let’s play along with your revenge fantasy here for a second, if you want to lock them up for ten years – then give them 10 years worth of fucking rehabilitation! Don’t attach it to this crazy rubbing dog shit into their faces first routine!!!!!

Why is it so important to you counter productive clowns to symbolically dominate the prisoner into confessing first before you give them any counselling???

You know what my guess is?

You are all so grossly misinformed you don’t even know any of this do you?

Jesus wept.

This is what happens when you have The Project and Seven Sharp as our 7pm Current Affairs shows.


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