When the West use cluster bombs it’s for democracy and freedom!

US to give Ukraine cluster bombs, defends controversial decision

The Biden administration will provide cluster munitions to Ukraine, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said, vowing the US will not leave Ukraine defenceless and asserting that Kyiv has promised to use the controversial bombs carefully.

The immorality of what we in the West have just agreed to here, to allow cluster bombs to be used in conflict so as to maintain the political support for Ukraine’s resistance to Russia’s illegal war is ugly, nasty and cheap.

Rather than supply Ukraine with the real weapon muscle to finish the job, we are agreeing to the cheapest most insidious model because US Taxpayer’s matter more than one legged Ukrainians.

When you are forced to use immoral tactics to win, can you ever win?

The hypocrisy of the West sanctioning this means we have no moral high ground in this conflict any longer.

It is clear America will fight Russia until the last Ukrainian. Is this really about protecting the Ukraine now or destabilising Russia?

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The only clear winner is the Military Industrial Complex and American Hawks.

Chippy’s recent speech on NZs foreign affairs was a rare moment of recognition there are other things beyond these shores.

We face geopolitical shockwaves unlike any before them.

Climate change, pandemics, refugees, war – they are all coming here.

Our distance is no longer a tyranny, it’s a blessing.

An Independent Foreign Policy is not enough to protect us from the shocks coming.

If we are serious about an Independent Foreign Policy, we have to accept Neutrality is going to cost us a lot more.

The Māori Party suggestion of neutrality is worth considering.

I believe that the climate crisis means we need a vastly larger military to cope with civil disasters and if we are attempting to distance ourselves from China and America, we need to make a decision to dramatically lift what we spend on the military for purely defensive and civil disaster capacity.

How would we go about defending the realm of NZ and all our economic exclusive zone?

We can’t pull away from America and China and pretend there is no cost to being Independent.

We need to increase Military GDP spending to 5%. Interestingly Labour have quietly ratcheted GDP military spending from just over 1% to just under 2%.

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