New Zealand’s neutrality has been put on the table for this election cycle by the Maori Party. On the issue of War and Peace, the Maori Party are a lone voice. On an issue where others are silent, raising a lone voice, is called leadership.

From the Graph provided by Martyn Bradbury.

highest priority concern – Inflation/Cost of Living 65%

lowest priority concern – Defence Foreign Policy 1%

That’s now. That ranking will change very swiftly, when war breaks out.

Afterall, issues of War and Peace are the biggest policy decisions any nation or people will ever have to decide.

At the outbreak of a hot war in the Pacific  – The two categories of concern in Martyn’s graph, cost of living and war or peace, will not exactly flip places, but will significantly change in the rankings relative to each other.War in the Pacific?

Couldn’t ever happen again?

The same thing was said about war in Europe.

Politics and trade between New Zealand the rival power blocs in the Pacific, are sort of carrying along all right now, but at the outbreak of war in the Pacific; New Zealand will be caught between, the Superpower bloc that our export led economy is tied to – And between, the Superpower bloc that our our military and spy agencies are embedded with.

Talk about, a ‘rock and a hard place’.

Side with China, and turn New Zealand into an international pariah and a client state beholden to Peking.

Side with the US, our export led economy will be ruined, and we will be drawn into a war not in our economic or national interests.

Part I.

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Let’s not get caught with our pants down on the matter of war and peace.
Democracy and democratic decision making takes time.

Once war starts, history speeds up, cascading events rapidly follow each other so fast, that it will be too late to properly and democratically decide the issue of War and Peace, and the decision will be made for us.

Let’s get ahead of the curve.

On the election of a Labour,, Green, Maori Party government

Let us build on the bi-partisan support for New Zealand’s wildly popular nuclear weapons free status, Let us back the Maori Party political demand for New Zealand neutrality and say “No” to all military alliances.

Let’s demand that the LGMP government distance New Zealand from AUKUS and all other military and intelligence entanglements with foreign countries.

The mouse that roared

#1 Free New Zealand from all foreign military entanglements. Cut all ties with 5 Eyes, with Echelon, ban all military exercises and war preparations with other militaries.

#2 Declare New Zealand a neutral country.

#3 On the formation of a LGMP government, a diplomatic team be dispatched to the UN to place before the UN Secretary General, the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council for New Zealand’s neutral status to be tabled and voted on to be officially ratified and internationally recognised. Any country that dared vote against New Zealand becoming a neutral country will reveal who our real friends and enemies are. (My guess – none would dare)

In the event of war in the Pacific, sailing under an internationally UN ratified neutral flag all our shipping and trade be afforded safe passage by UN mandate, from attack by both sides involved in the conflict.

Part II

New Zealand – Switzerland of the South Seas.

Against all the odds Switzerland remained Neutral for the duration of WWII and the Cold War.

In the middle of Europe and surrounded by hostile nations on all sides, how did they manage to do it?

Being surrounded by high mountains helped.

Building huge defensive and highly expensive defensive bunkers and redoubts also helped.

Being open for business to all sides also played a part.

Unlike Switzerland, New Zealand is not surrounded by the European Alps, but something way better, hundreds of kilometers of open ocean. New Zealand is the most remote major inhabited land mass on the planet.

New Zealand doesn’t need to build highly expensive bunkers and readouts. New Zealand is a redout.

Neutrality Now!

Who knows, the idea might catch on.

What if they gave a war and nobody came?

Pat O’Dea is a staunch unionist and Left wing activist

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