Another firecracker on the furnace, the Talbot Mills Poll is out and Chippy gone taken a beating as no one can afford Bread and Butter:

Labour: 31

National: 36

ACT: 12


Māori Party: 4.2%

NZ First: 4%

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TOP: 2.9%

The political gravity of the cost of living crisis and ministerial self inflicted cock up after ministerial self inflicted cock up have finally caught up with Labour yet people still dislike Chris Luxon.

Interesting that the Maori Party at 4.2 is unbelievably strong and suggests that the Roy Morgan is picking up something real there while TOP and NZFirst all threaten to over turn the apple cart.

The polarisation of ACT at 12% highlights how we face a splintered MMP spectrum leading into the 2023 Election.

Labour traditionally underpoll by 4points and National overpoll by 5points so this could be the closest election we’ve ever had.

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