New Taxpayers Union Poll is out and it’s a hung Parliament!

Labour: 31.1

National: 33.3

ACT: 13.2

Greens: 8.9

Maori Party: 5.0

NZF: 3.3

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This shows the Maori Party strength shown in Roy Morgan and backed up with the Talbot Mills is real.

The increasing racist rhetoric of National and ACT is creating a political backlash and that backlash will see a hung Parliament!

Game on!

As TDB has pointed out all year, this election will be decided by who scares NZ most, a Labour/Green/Maori Party or an ACT/National Government.

What must shock the right wing strategists is that a a staggering 64.5% (+7.1) say the country is going in the wrong direction and yet ACT and National still can’t get a majority!

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