Syd Jackson would always say that Pakeha feared Māori doing to them what they did to Māori and that was why there was always such resistance to anything that enabled Māori.

The manner in which so many white NuZilnders (and recent migrants) view the Maori Party gaining 5% is hilarious.

They seem to think that act AND national can shit all over Māori and there be no political backlash to that!

There seems to have been a belief amongst some of our whiter friends that the 420 000 non voters (many of whom are Māori) were simply going to sit the next election out.

There seems to have been a belief that Māori should just allow ACT to generate a referendum that would renegotiate the Treaty and then just foist it upon them with no complaint whatsoever!

What about our 180 year history suggests to you Māori will accept that?

White Kiwis are treating Māori angry at years of abuse the way a parent who has beaten their children behaves at Christmas Dinner, with unforgivable rage that the beaten children are playing up at Christmas Dinner and not wanting to play nice for the occasion.

You can’t keep shitting on a people and get angry when they don’t want to be shat on any longer!

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When Elizabeth Rata coined the phrase ‘Ethno-Nationalist State‘ to describe attempts to share power with Māori as promised by the Treaty, every right winger wanting to be racist found glee in the shielding of their bigotry by the pretence of intellectualism.

What is most hilarious about Rata’s claims of Ethno-Nationalist State is that she is 100% right, it’s just that she’s right in a way she doesn’t want to admit to, which is NZ is an Ethno-Nationalist State, it’s just a White Ethno-Nationalist State.

Our systems of power and control are all white, our dominant culture is white, our benefitting from colonialism is white, our purposeful laws aimed at taking more Māori land were white, our confiscations are white, our dominant narrative is white.

So sure, NZ is an Ethno-Nationalist State, but for white people.

Any attempt to rebalance the damage caused by taking 90% of Māori land in less than a century and any attempt to live up to the promise of the Treaty must be denigrated and appallingly decried as apartheid.

The backbone of the economic success story that is NZ, is in stealing Māori land and NEVER paying the full price back!


We are a shallow juvenile settler country with all the  cultural maturity of a can of day old coke, we are a low horizon people who lash out at others who see stars. Our imaginations are glued to cow udders, rugby and cars. To attempt a debate about identity when so many micro aggression trigger snowflakes are screaming is a feat beneath our collective dignity.

The energy spent on screaming about bilingual signs belittles us all.

What its most egregious is how these small attempts at creating basic consultation between the dominant culture and the indigenous culture they signed a Treaty with is now portrayed as a giant attack on the values of Democracy!

We are too brittle a people for the challenges in front of us.

The issue of 22 000 on emergency housing wait lists, 200 000 kids in poverty and a million being spent daily to kettle beneficiaries into unsafe motels are still here begging to be solved. Our inequality, our damaging mental illness crisis, the underfunded health system and education systems  – all these things are demanding attention from yet we spend our days hating each other over fucking bilingual road signs.

There is nothing to fear about Māori having the same agency as pakeha, there is nothing to fear from By-Māori-for-Māori social policy. What we need is less performative spite art and more actual empathy, respect and genuine aroha for one another on these Shakey Isles!

We are all brothers and sisters on the edge of the great Pacific Ocean and the need for us to work together here in our collective home is greater than ever before.



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