Hell Pizza, the Pizza brand best known for not being Pizza Hutt and Dominoes, has decided on the most bizarre marketing campaign ever and it reeks of a Wellington Woke Ad Agency decision that feels like a brewing Bud Lite moment.

Previously Hell Pizza was known for their very funny sex advertising…

Hell’s condom promo sparks most complaints ever

A promotion for a pizza company that saw about 170,000 condoms dropped in New Zealand letterboxes has now become the country’s most complained-about advertising campaign.

…but that marketing was branded too sexist because Hell Pizza was suggesting that heteronormative sex might be pleasurable (when it’s really a hate crime).

To move away from their marketing past, Hell Pizza have decided to embark upon the worst imagery in marketing history.

Pizza and menstrual blood…

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…I’m not sure who the niche market for menstrual blood and pizzas is, vampires?

It’s not good enough of course to have any old menstrual blood these days, it has to be trans friendly menstrual blood hence the inclusion of the bearded and moustached.

Hell Pizza will argue that they are being ‘inclusive’, but I just want pizza without having to think about menstrual blood as a topping.

With the Bud Lite backlash and the 2 Degrees, Spark, Vodaphone backlash, it seems an odd time to allow Wellington Woke Ad Agencies to destroy your brand!

I’ve seen some odd combos in my time, Deadpool and Wolverine, anchovies and pineapple, hell even me and Damien on The Working Group, but menstrual blood and pizza may well be the oddest.

Can we just get back to greasy pizza that was slightly better than Dominoes and Pizza Hutt?

Why did anyone at the Wellington Woke Ad Agency think this imagery was a winner for Hell Pizza?


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