To attempt a wealth tax as Grant Robertson has done via the official channels he did was always doomed to failure.

The detail of how Nicola Willis ordered her OIAs screams internal leak.

What Grant failed to appreciate is that attempting to take money from rich powerful people is almost impossible when Treasury are some of the rich powerful people he wants to take money away from!

Giving everyone the first $10000 tax free and limiting the wealth tax on those with over $4million was a glorious attempt.

An attempt that was always going to be sunk by those Professional Managerial Class who are tasked with ensuring the wealthy are always saved from the democratic wrath of the poor.

Ginny Anderson claims Chippy, ‘read the room’, by ruling out a wealth tax, oh really Ginny?

And what fucking room was that Comrade?

A room full of landlords?

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Chippy was spooked by the late night knock on the door from some Treasury Nazgul preaching the end of Western Civilisation if Grant’s wealth tax was green lit.

Chippy is frightened of losing to the most right wing conflict Government ever imagined in the form of ACT and National, Chippy is not some malicious neoliberal LINO.

Talking of fear, there was James Shaw huffing and puffing and saying he was very disappointed but would effectively do nothing.

He was a fart in a blizzard.

Don’t get me wrong, misuse a pronoun, mispronounce te reo, suggest female comedians aren’t funny or Mummy Bloggers are over rated and they will burn your eye lids off and make you watch them skin your pets alive,  they are great at cancel culture performance art, not so good at the actual bear pity of politics and changing the neoliberal hegemonic economic structure.

The Greens are soft and weak and as much threat as a vegan powerlifter.

They are virgins at an orgy.

You know it.

I know it.

The voters know it.

John Tamihere on the other hand is the Hammer of God!

Chippy can make as many Captain’s calls as he likes.

He can say any Labour led Government he leads won’t bring in a Capital Gains Tax or Wealth Tax and good for Chippy because Chippy can make those demands WHILE he has an MMP majority, however he ain’t gonna have an MMP majority post October and while he is safe in the knowledge James Shaw can’t and won’t do jack shit, John Fucking Tamihere brothers and sisters is a very different kettle of fish.

This is the man who sued Mike Hosking for defamation and gave the money to the Māori Party!

This is the man who backs down to no one.

This is the man who wakes up early each morning to start a fight with his own shadow!

This is the legend, the master, the bover boy of the Working Class Left who will lay the demands down for Supply and Confidence votes from the Māori Party and Chippy either accepts them or goes right back to another election ’cause JT ain’t for turning.

This is why the progressive left who want actual transformative change must party vote Maori Party NOT Greens!

You could give the Green Party a red van, call them Pat and they still couldn’t deliver!

JT will deliver and as Debbie’s comments today points out, those bottom lines will be for universal left policy that lifts white people in poverty out of that poverty alongside their Māori and Pacifica brothers and sisters…

“Marae are the first to open their doors.”

Key policy planks would be around protecting the environment, oranga whenua, and the people, oranga tāngata.

The party has already been pushing specific policies to remove GST from food and to ban seabed mining, with more policies to be revealed over the coming months, particularly around the redistribution of wealth.

Ngarewa-Packer believed their surge in support was because of their focus on Māori and tāngata whenua solutions and “staunch” environmental kaupapa.

…if we want to see GST off food, if we want to see a tax on the wealthy and if we want to see real reform of Capitalism so the State has the resource to provide for the people, and we want all of this in the first 100 days, forget Labour or the Greens, the Māori Party are the solution because Chippy will laugh at demands from James, but he won’t pull that shit with JT.

As The Daily Blog has been ceaseless in pointing out, the only way we get Labour to be progressive is learn the lessons of the Laila Harre School of Politics which states; anytime you want to get Labour to something meaningful, you need to smash their head into a wall, put a gun to their face and scream “do it”.

By snookering Labour and the feckless Greens with a knee capping pipe hitting working class bover boy like JT into forcing through the most progressive agenda since Mickey Savage, we have something that can finally leverage Labour into doing more than managing the interests of the Professional Managerial Class.

Chippy is a good man, he just needs friends like JT to help steady his nerves when he takes all that money from rich people.

The Daily Blog was the first to push Labour/Green minority Government with Supply and Confidence from Māori Party as our way forward while the Woke have played cancel culture games and the reactionary Right have lost their shit over bilingual signs.

The Daily Blog called it first and we will be calling it all the way up until the election as News Producers scramble to comprehend what is happening.

You can either read to first here on The Daily Blog or wait for the News Producers to read it on The Daily Blog.

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