New Labour Party slogan

Chippy has launched Labour’s slogan, ‘In it for you’, which is only true if the ‘you’ is a property speculator, Bank or the mega wealthy’.

They’ve moved from the collective ‘Let’s’ to the individual ‘you’.

The ramifications of Chippy’s ‘Captains Call’ can’t be felt all the way in Lithuania but he’s going to get some on his return.

Ginny Anderson claims Chippy ‘read the room ‘, oh really Ginny, and what fucking room was that love? A room full of Landlords?

Let’s remind ourselves what we could have gained here

The beauty of all this is that Chippy’s call will hold the timid middle while empowering The Māori Party.

The Greens are just too weak and feckless and we all know it, John Tamihere on the other hand is a working class bover boy who plays to win and in any post negotiation Chippy will be given the following ultimatum – either give us our wealth tax or go back to the Polls, a second election that will destroy whatever is left of the Labour Party.

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Chippy can say what he likes while Labour have an MMP majority, once he doesn’t have that majority, he don’t have jack shit.

A Labour/Green minority Government with supply and confidence from the Māori Party is still the win I’m expecting post election.

This is where real power will come to play, this is where real change for the poorest NZers will be had, when JT enters that room with Chippy, Grant, David Parker and Willie Jackson, he will be coming to force that change.

John Tamihere’s Māori Party is the only hope for the poorest Kiwis.

As for the Greens, they’ll get what they are given and consider themselves lucky.


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