Paula Bennett: National’s Christopher Luxon has the attributes of a leader

He has an extraordinary work ethic. Yep, I know, this is the example of when in a job interview you are asked what your weakness is and you say: “I work too hard.” I’m not sure if he works too hard because it is his passion and he genuinely gets off on it. Personally, it’s an attribute that I am happy for a leader to have.

He is a family man. He will talk about his family – and yours – and takes a genuine interest in what is happening in people’s lives. He is funny. You don’t really get that on the telly or in his radio interviews. When I left politics a lot of people told me that I am funnier than they thought. The reality is that you are on TV for a few seconds as a politician answering a serious question and telling a quick joke first isn’t appropriate.

He is a religious nut job who has to walk everything he says back because his first instinct is a conservative Christian instinct.

Paula Bennett on the other hand is a despicable human being who threw state tenets out onto the street using a flawed meth testing regime. She was told numerous times this was flawed, she was told numerous times she was misreading her own Ministries standards but she didn’t give a fuck.

A person willing to trash the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us should be degraded every chance one gets.

It’s always annoyed me that Paula Bennett isn’t egged whenever she appears in public.

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Note the disclaimer the Herald gives her…

Paula Bennett is a former Deputy Prime Minister and National Party politician who now works at Bayleys Real Estate as national director – customer engagement.

…this isn’t true. Paula is a high ranking fundraiser for National and Bayleys Real Estate have donated $200 000.

This isn’t a column, this is propaganda.

The Herald is merely a mouthpiece for the property industry who will publish any lie, any falsehood to screw the scrum.

Don’t get tricked by rich pricks.

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