Meka’s defection is a shockwave inside Māori politics and national politics.

Her decision to walk seems driven by personal ambition rather than political difference and the Māori Caucus are clearly surprised and saddened by that decision.


The issues confronting NZ right now demand solidarity on the Left.

The management of this is a political test to the electorate over how Labour and the Māori Party can work together.

If it descends into recriminations and factional fighting we are seeing in the Greens, it will be the kiss of death at the election.

It is vital that dignity and mana dictate the response or else the media will seize on any shade throwing as the end of NZ democracy.

Solidarity and the ability to work together is where it matters now because a National/ACT Government intend to make enormous cuts in essential community infrastructure that will damage all the values both Labour and the Māori Party stand for.

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This is a political test, managed correctly it will show the electorate there is nothing to fear from a Labour led Government with supply and confidence from the Māori Party.

Managed poorly and we hand ammunition to the Right.


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