That grim look and dead eyed expression of a young man made old by the National Party

National promises to let under-30s raid their KiwiSavers for rental bonds

National is promising to allow people under 30 to use some of their KiwiSaver savings to pay for rental bonds.

National’s housing spokesperson Chris Bishop said getting together four weeks rent in advance for a tenancy agreement “is not easy for many people, particularly for students and young graduates, who don’t have a lot of cash”.

This is the same Chris Bishop who said he wasn’t renting from family when he was (he claimed his in-laws weren’t family), this is the same Chris Bishop who claimed National’s plan to allow Landlords to evict tenants with no reason was designed by people who work with the homeless…

…so anything Chris has to say about renters is about as convincing as cancer complaining  about chemotherapy.

What this policy really highlights is how out of control the rental market actually is that you have to rob your pension fund to get a fucking rent bond!!!

The irony is National are the Party of Landlords and they will make the rental market far more damaging and difficult for renters with their new rules to throw tenants out with no reason and remove all the healthy home rules.

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This isn’t a solution, it’s a symptom of sick rental market.

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