The Pattern and the Promise

Read Daniel 7:9-14

Point 2 – The Promise: The Kingdom of God will rise and never fall.

Over and over again in Scripture we see God’s plans unfold, sometimes slowly (400 years slowly), sometimes quickly (3 days in the tomb). But no matter how long God takes to work His plan out, we always see that He is victorious. God shows Daniel in his vision that no matter what happens to these other kingdoms, His kingdom is coming and it will be an eternal kingdom that will never fall.
In verse 9, an awesome scene starts to take place in the throne room of God. Daniel sees God and He refers to Him as the “Ancient of Days.” This title given to God speaks to His timeliness, eternality, wisdom, and incomparable glory. He is the triumphant King who sits on His throne, unmoved and unshaken by the kingdoms of this world, ready to judge justly with the “books” open.

In vs.13, we are introduced to another character in this vision who was like the “son of man.” He came riding triumphantly on the clouds. We know from Psalm 104:3 that only God can make the clouds His chariot. Who is this other person in the vision? We know Him to be Christ, the Son of God. Jesus referred to himself as the “Son of Man” many times in the New Testament (Matthew 12:32, 13:37, Luke 12:8).

In Daniel’s vision, the one like the “son of man” was led into the presence of God and was given “authority, glory and sovereign power; all nations and peoples of every language worshiped Him” (vs.14). All this is said in the past tense. In vs.15, the tense changes to present tense and a promise is given. “His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.” All kingdoms of the earth will fall but nothing will ever be able to triumph over God’s eternal Kingdom.

While we may not know when the final Kingdom is going to reign over all for all of eternity, we do know that it is promised to us. We also know that God is always faithful to keep His promises.
In the midst of our changing and challenging world, this truth should give us great hope to hold onto. Our Savior, and His Kingdom, will never be overcome (Matthew 16:18).

Questions for Group Discussion or Personal Reflection

  1. Take a moment and look back at the description of the “Ancient of Days” found in verses 9-10. What do the descriptions of His clothing, hair, throne, and attendants tell us about the “Ancient of Days?” White clothing- moral purity, white hair- sign of old age, fiery throne- Fire is symbolic of judgment and judging the nations, attendants- those serving the King
  2. How do you see current events in light of God’s promise in vs.14? How does it change the way you think about the current political/social climate?
  3. As referenced in Matthew 16:18, Jesus has made His Church an unstoppable force that cannot be overcome by hopelessness, pain, the kingdoms of this world, and all demonic forces. How does this truth offer us hope and courage today?

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