Vision without Execution is Hallucination

About one year ago, my wife and I discovered black mold in our kitchen and it was horrifying. We immediately cleaned and disinfected the everything in the cabinets to make sure that the mold was gone. Two weeks later, all of the mold was back and it was so frustrating because we didn’t know where it was coming from. We ended up cleaning it all again, praying that it wouldn’t return.

A few weeks later, I was throwing our trash away outside and as I walked toward the back of the house, I heard what sounded like water spraying on the ground. I got closer to the sound and realized it was coming from under our house. So I looked through one of the vents under our house and saw that one of our hot water pipes was shooting water under our house.

I got super nervous and decided to grab a flashlight to see how bad the damage was. Fearing the worst, I turned on the light and found a lake of steamy, hot water under our house. My heart sank because I now knew the reason why there was mold in our kitchen. My mind started to wonder if there was more damage in our house that we weren’t aware of.

It was a nightmare…

We brought a company in to help assess the damage and they ultimately came to the conclusion that we needed to tear out a majority of our kitchen to fix the damage.

What do you do when life gives you lemons? You make lemonade!

We decided to use this as an opportunity to create the kitchen we always wanted. We tore out everything in our kitchen so that we could start with a blank canvas.

My wife, Julie, started dreaming and she had a vision for what she wanted our new kitchen to look like. She knew what color cabinets, what kind of appliances, the layout, the backsplash, the color paint, and even what type of lighting she wanted. She could see the final product before it even came to be and she was really excited about it.

I, on the other hand, couldn’t picture this new kitchen because all I saw were giant holes in the walls and dust everywhere. Our house was a giant mess for 6 months! Let’s just say that our family of five ate A LOT of microwaved Dino Chicken Nuggets.

All throughout the process, my wife kept encouraging me to trust the process. Even, in my questioning and worry, I knew my wife had a vision for this new kitchen, I just needed to trust her.

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