What do you do when your wine runs out?

So John is is trying to show us that the party didn’t simply run out of wine, they ran out of joy! Have you ever had your wine run out? Have you ever had your joy run out? I’ve noticed it is often at the most unexpected times when we pause and look around, we realize, just maybe, our joy has run out. Maybe you’ve tried finding your joy in status, finances, relationships, career, or assets. There comes a time when our joy runs out when it is not from the right source.

Jesus tells the servants at the party to fill jars with water, draw some out, and give it to the headwaiter. I wonder how that process went. I would have complained to Jesus. I would have said, “Jesus, they are out of wine, not water! So why am I getting water?” But Jesus had a plan because He always has a plan. Jesus has a plan to reveal who He is and he invites us to participate in the miracle.

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